Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Morning Sunrise

At this time of year,  this is what we get each morning directly off our back yard.  It motivates me to get up early each day which I have been doing since we arrived here.

The tide changes keeps a constant change of views during the day

Lucy, Lady, Mauna Kea, Tim

Various photos of us here

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Coast Line views / Mountain views

This is as close to Hawaii as I have been.  Maybe there are LOTS of places in the world that are similar to Hawaii.

In riding around I feel like I am in Kaneohe a lot, or on the North Shore Oahu.  The plants here along the road are quite similar as the neighborhoods in Hawaii would have.  It feels like OLD Hawaii and the houses are similar to the  old ones on the North Shore in present day.  There is a mix of modern houses and old houses here.

The first two photos are from the sea wall in front of my house. First one looks right and the second one looks left.  Kind of a bay like here.  Calm waters.

The next shots are from a short ride down the coast line we took yesterday.

The last shots were taken on our way into port when I arrived

Fruits, Vegetables, Fish

I will add more to how the open market looks

Pretty much what ever vegetable you can think of is available here.  There are some new ones for me to try that I have never seen before. The standard ones we are use to are here.

The fruits are awesome here

Right now the mangos and papaya is excellent, along with apples, bananas, and nice alvacadoes